Conflict: I like the new Porsche 935.

I like its looks. That it’s retro, with cues, colours, shape, name - very obviously - pulled from the 935/78 ‘Moby Dick’ race car from 1978. I like that it’s not just another ‘recreation’ of an old car. It’s new.

I also don’t like the new Porsche 935. Because it’s a 911 GT2 RS with a massive carbonfibre composite bodykit. That you can't drive on the road. Honestly, what’s the point?

The point is a celebration of Porsche’s 70 years, during which it has amassed a racing heritage like perhaps no other car maker on the planet. The 935 is among the most successful of its racing cars. This isn’t one of them. It’s a pastiche, a copy, an ornament. Literally claimed by its maker to be a ‘present to all motorsport fans’. It’s a bauble.

Porsche unveils reborn 935 race car

But what a bauble. There are few companies that you’d trust to put together an exquisitely finished limited-run production car like this, and one of them is Porsche. Standard production pieces have been carefully grafted and crafted around new, bespoke parts made by hand from unobtanium.