So you sit inside a Qashqai and they give you a standard-looking PlayStation controller. Which is odd but that, really, is as normal as it gets when driving the GT-R/C.

Once somebody has started the GT-R/C’s engine, you hold down a trigger lever on the controller, which pulls on the brakes, then press a central ‘PS’ button to prime the system. Then (it’s all a bit like pushing a certain sequence of buttons to unlocking a special power or something, this) you have to push up, down, then up again on the keypad to ensure the GT-R is ready. A man in the back seat, who has quite a lot of equipment to hand, tells you whether it is. I’m quite glad he’s there.

And then you’re off. Release that left-hand trigger and you release the brake and, because the GT-R creeps on idle, so does this car. There’s a right finger trigger for the accelerator and – oh hello, crikey. Yes, the GT-R/C has the same power output as the regular car. So it’s, er, quite brisk.