In pricing the LC500 from £76,595, Lexus has heli-dropped its sleek coupé into a savagely competitive marketplace.

You’ll need to find only another £1296 for a 911outgunned by the Lexus in terms of power and noisier at a cruise, but undoubtedly the superior car for ride and handling – and Jaguar’s F-Type 400 Sport undercuts its Japanese rival by £5000.

Richard Lane

Road tester
Low volumes expected to help the LC retain 10% more value after three years/36,000 miles than S-Class

Neither of those cars will struggle to keep pace with the Lexus, but nor do they offer an engine quite in the same league in terms of charisma.

The V8-engined F-Type R is more comparable although, at £90,860, it’s also rather more expensive, and the soon-to-be-replaced twin-turbo V8 BMW M6 starts at £95,580.

A Mercedes-Benz S500 costs even more, although it has no equal for long-range refinement in this segment.

Further support for the LC500’s case is touring economy nudging 40mpg – outrageously high for a car with an atmospheric 5.0-litre V8 and largely down to the car’s 10 speeds, the tallest of which allows the engine to wallow at 1155rpm on a motorway cruise.

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Work those eight cylinders and they’ll gulp down fuel with zeal, but it’s good to know you can get to and from your favourite driving roads without emptying your wallet.

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