Following Ford's best February sales figures for 14 years, Andy Barratt says the brand’s successes are the result of a ‘buyer’s market’
Jim Holder
13 March 2018

There’s never been a better time to buy a new car, Ford's UK boss has claimed.

Speaking following the announcement of Ford’s best February sales figures for 14 years, Andy Barratt outlined that the current pressures on the UK car industry meant that there are some exceptional deals available at the moment.

UK new car market decline continues in February

“The canny customer can get a great deal - it really is a buyer’s market if you do your research and know where to look,” said Barratt (pictured below).

While conceding that the exchange rate swing in the past 12 months has meant that Britain is no longer being used to shift over-production in Europe - meaning that some discounts were no longer available - he stressed that there are still many good deals to be had.

“There are a lot of new products on the market, and the business is very competitive,” Barratt said, reflecting on the sales of the new Fiesta and updated Ecosport.

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“Coupled with that, there are some very attractive PCP offers, which offer great terms and which build in some deposit for when the customer moves on to the next deal.

“The pricing and flexibility have probably never been so good. It’s proof that if you have the right products, you can succeed.”

Despite this, sales of new cars decreased by 2.8% last month, largely due to a continued fall in demand for diesel; oil-burning car sales were down by 23.5% last month alone.

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Ford Fiesta

In remaking Britain’s best-selling car, Ford has trodden lightly with the new Fiesta. But does the all-new supermini do enough to keep its place at the head of the table?

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13 March 2018

   No, because of the vilification of the Black stuff ove the decades the Car fuel only saving grace was better mpg, no use to the 10,000 or less but for the 20,30,000 driver it was, and now with more awareness of the potential carcinogenic property the fuel has (Nox2) and the rise and rise of new fuel sources has been adding a Nail in Deisels Coffin one by one,and even suppose the idea of a hybrid Deisel does work the damag3 has been done. New Car sales are been driven by not using a Cash, not buying the (“old fashioned way”) , now you buy on a Contract, that’s why Cars sales aren’t so bad other than for Deisel Cars, will they recover(?), they’ve got 22 yrs to do so,but, with new faster ways to charge your new EV by that time Petrol not just Deisel will have had their Day.

Peter Cavellini.

13 March 2018

I wonder how much Ford would pay me to take one of those dreadful things off their hands....

Steam cars are due a revival.

13 March 2018

Shame the Ford range has become uncompetitive though. Fiesta aside, it’s looking old and tired, or diesel only. 

14 March 2018
scrap wrote:

Shame the Ford range has become uncompetitive though. Fiesta aside, it’s looking old and tired, or diesel only. 

So true, but even the Fiesta has become expensive, stale and dull. I'd just have the Ranger (and that's not even a car) and the Focus ST

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

14 March 2018

Perhaps there never has been a better time to buy a new car but I certainly wouldn't buy one of his Fords as their warranty isn't worth the paper it's written on. Ford reliant on 'custom and practice' rather than what's actully written in black and white. You'll also find that Ford dealers set aside a fund for warranty repairs because Ford themselves won't pay for many legitimate claims. It's also my understanding that unlike other manufacturers who's 3year warranty cover is made up from 2yrs manufacturers warranty + 1yr dealer, Ford operate on a 1yr manufacturer and 2yr dealer. It's little wonder then that when you try to make a claim after 12mth, the "sorry that's not covered" line is rolled out. Shocking company TBH - owned 3 Fords - never again.


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