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15 January 2019

This week's slice of automotive industry news includes the reason why Mazda thinks few people are interested in leasing an MX-5, how DS handles sharing design elements with the rest of the PSA group, BMW's approach to recycling, and more.

Money buys happiness at Mazda

Mazda customers are more likely to buy an MX-5 outright, rather than lease it, than any other Mazda model, according to UK boss Jeremy Thompson. He said that because the MX-5 is often considered a pleasure buy instead of a practical car, people like to own it. “When you’re buying something for your own enjoyment, like a roadster, people like to own it,” he said. 

DS handles its own design

Although PSA group brands (Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Vauxhall, Opel) will converge on common platforms and powertrains, certain design features will remain unique to each – and that means it’s hands off DS’s door handles. DS developed flush handles for the 3 Crossback and design director Thierry Metroz said: “They’re part of our design language, and we developed them only for DS.”

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Reduce, reuse, recycle

Considering the entire life of a battery in an electric car is crucial to lowering leasing rates, according to BMW R&D boss Klaus Fröhlich. He said: “If you take out the battery for chemical recycling, you might get 100 euros for it. If you can use the battery for a second life, you might get 1000 euros for it and it will work for another 20 or 30 years, boosting residual values.”

All Defenders must go 

Ineos Automotive, the firm set to build the rugged ‘Grenadier’ 4x4 in the spirit of the original Land Rover Defender, claims Land Rover will need to build and sell around 50,000 examples of the new Defender for it to be profitable. However, Ineos says it will need to sell only 25,000 Grenadiers to do the same. 

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15 January 2019

Unique to DS (within PSA ...).  Big whoop!  Is that supposed to make up for the otherwise utter absence of anything innovative on the design and engineering front?  It's like the 1955 revolution on wheels never happened.

The car-buying public gets what it deserves, unfortunately ...

15 January 2019

I bet Peugeot and Citroen are fuming that they can't have those door handles. DS design stands head and shoulders above anything Peugeot or Citroen have come up with in recent years ..... oh, hang on a minute....

15 January 2019

Yes Ineos only need to make 25,000 models because it will probably be so basic only 25,000 people will want one if that. Something Land Rover and Toyota understand. It’s why the Land Cruiser isn’t cheap any more.

15 January 2019

The only thing about the DS range of cars that surprises me is that it's still going,I can't honestly believe that anyone outside PSA honestly believes that DS is a "premium" stand alone range. What I'd like to think that's it's just PSA platforms and engines, a few styling touches and luxury touches coupled with a sticker price that's significantly raised. Maybe PSA should consider winding the range back into the regular Citroen range and drop the pretence that it's a separate marque. 

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